SoftAutomate solutions are very flexible and are customized to best fit each client's needs. Below you'll find a subset of the technologies we've used in the past which can easily be matched to represent your requirements. If a required technology is not listed here, please contact us for a more detailed description of the offered skill set. Chances are that one of our senior engineers has had a previous encounter with it.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs):


PLC 5 - the most wide spread AB processor architecture is fully supported by our knowledgeable engineering staff

SLC 500 - although not quite as popular, SLC processors have found their niche and we're proud to have used them

RSLogix 5000 - the most recent AB processor architecture is the main platform for most of our new projects

RS View - a preferred solution for single project data monitoring it has a high Return On Investment (ROI) ratio

RSSQL - mostly used in enterprise systems, it is ideal for a centralized, plant wide, data collection system

RSLinx Gateway solutions - harvesting the full power of the RSLinx package, it supports remote connectivity


SIMATIC S7-200 PLC - although these PLC are relatively small, they're ideal for international medium size projects


FX PLC - these controllers are some of the most popular Mitsubishi PLC implementations


Robotic Automation:

Fanuc Robotics

RJ3 Controllers - although new projects use the improved RJ3 ib controllers, they are still widely used

RJ3 ib Controllers - they are the antecedents of the original RJ3s

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs):

Wonderware - a very popular international product

Cimplicity - used mostly with Fanuc PLCs


PC Based Automation:

Custom OPC Client Development

Custom HMI applications using a wide variety of programming languages such as Java, .NET framework, Web Services, and Visual Studio 6.0.